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This month we are excited to introduce the second interview of our socially responsible project, which seeks to highlight each month a colleague worker because of the way she/he has incorporated the second petal of our petal, “Lead by example” in her/his work and daily life.

May or Mother’s Day month, will be represented by Miss Nelly, a working mom from Florsani that works in the company for almost 2 years. We are proud to introduce this extraordinary woman, who embodies the best possible aspects:

Planting ideas and experiences

The act of sowing ideas serves, in some way, to align others because of their ability to germinate when they are planted in the right way. This is fundamental for the second petal, “Lead by example”, because it allows an exchange of knowledge, experiences, or material goods among the workers. As well as creating leaders that will be able to approach and cultivate their personal and work space, in a creative way.

Collaborate with the education

The word “collaborate” is the term which in our language allows us to express the action of work in partnership with another individual, with several, or a group with a mission to achieve a goal.

We believe that knowledge and the gained experience inside Florsani should be shared among its members, because the act of collaborating directly allows to cultivate a learning experience, that fosters constant growth to everyone.

Actions for change and growth

It’s expected after the crop for the seed to germinate. It is a symbolism that allows the understanding that for every action there is a reaction, causing changes and growth. The petal of “Lead by example” is precisely focused on making people participants and creators of a continuous positive change, within the company and outside.

Fellowship and empathy

Nothing can be achieved within a philosophy of life and a business, nor obtain, being individualistic. It is essential to cultivate fellowship between every member of the Florsani family, to advance towards the same goal: “to generate a fulfilling live for all”. In a transversal way and with an empathic attitude towards the work team.

If a woman from Rusia comes and says: “I receive the gypsophilia that you process”. What would you like her to know about your work?

I would feel very proud that my work is in her home. I would tell her that it looks beautiful and I would feel more motivated because she says that. It would give me the inspiration to do a better job, to see that my work is in a home and that it makes the world more alluring.

Miss Nelly, tell us about your work here at the farm.

I work processing the different types of varieties or new products as they are called. We process, besides the gypsophila, several products like the Goldenrod (Solidago), Scabiosas, Ornithogalum and many other varieties.

What you like about these varieties? How you motivate work with flowers?

I like them all! Flowers motivate my work because making a bouquet is just beautiful, it looks amazing and with the new varieties of flowers stand out even more, so it’s a motivation that keeps coming from every aspect you see it.

What do you think while making the bouquets?

For example, I think: “Where will it go and will travel this bouquet I’m doing today”. I like questioning myself about the whereabouts with my work colleague. I also wonder if the place where it’s going will like our flowers, the bouquets and which purpose will it serve.

Tell us a little about life with your colleagues. What do you usually talk during the day and how do you support each other?

We talk about what we do after work and at home. We support each other by listening to each other, talk about personal matters.

Do you like to work in a team?

It’s nice working in group because working alone is hard. I like to share with my colleagues, to teach them about what I know and to learn from them.

How long have you worked in Florsani? What’s the reason that made you work at the farm?

I have been working here for 2 years and a half. The reason I work at Florsani is because of my motivation to raise my children in good conditions, to be able to give and do more, because it isn’t only a duty for my husband. He can’t do it by himself, also, between the both of us we can give to our children more.

What kind of things would you like to give to your children?

Education for them to be more prepared, to feed them well and give them a decent home because they deserve it.

What opportunities has this job given to you? How has it changed your life?

Plenty! This work has helped me succeed. I have been able to pay off debts and has given me advantage to get my children ahead start in life.

How does Florsani influence your way of thinking about a different life?

I think that if the company grows, for us who work here, is good thing and also good for everyone at the town of Malchingui because it “lifts” us. The fact that Florsani keeps growing, gives us the possibility of a better future, because as they grow we do too and with that the possibilities to do more in life.

As well as I, my colleagues also want to provide for their homes, to give better opportunities for their children and fend for themselves. For example, when we talk about our future they say that they work for their future and to have savings.

How many children do you have?

I have three children. The first one is 30 years old and already married, my other two children are 14 and 15 years old, both live with me.

You told us that you have flowers at your home, tell us how this has influenced your life. What do your flowers represent to you?

The flowers give me a big motivation, to see them at the house inspires me because they bring light to my home. The place looks different with flowers and as I tell my children “I work with this bouquet, we make them”. Then I would teach them how to make them, place it in a vase and say: “this is as if your mommy was here”. I see myself represented in these flowers.

What does it mean to be a mother for you?

For me, being a mother is a responsibility. I feel proud to be mother and try to teach my kids the best.

How do you think that floriculture has supported your community?

The community has grown more because of Florsani, people come here from different parts of the country to work, so Malchingui has become bigger. Those who have businesses have grown and now there are more people living here, so it looks like it has helped the community. It also has given us a job closer to our homes that allow us to arrive earlier, these is very supportive aspect of the company.

Do you talk you’re your colleagues about the impact Florsani had in the community?

Of course, we talk about how many good things the company does to help us. Not only us but also our colleagues who live far away from here. We are aware how they favor those who have a business in Malchingui, as well as the benefits we have.

What did you do before working here?

I worked in a kindergarten.

What he would say to other women who work on other farms on Florsani?

I would them that here is lovely and exciting to work here. We have everything and they make us feel good, I hope that one day they come so we can share this great experience.


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